Part 2 (Intimacy) – Research point

The following artists came to mind as I thought about negative vs. positive space. Some of them aren’t really “from today” but felt they were very relevant for this research point. Gary Hume (1962 – ) Gilou Brillant (1935 – ) Helen Frankenthaler (1928 – 2011) M.C. Escher (1898 – 1972) Audrey Beardsley (1872 – 1898) Will Bradley (1868 – 1962) René Gruau (1909 – 2004) Fredrick Hammersley (1919 – 2009) Henri Matisse (1896 – 1954) I browsed through these artists and did small thumbnail drawings of the works that really got my attention in terms of the use of … Continue reading Part 2 (Intimacy) – Research point

Part 1, Project 1 (Feeling and expression) – Exercise 2

 Experimenting with Texture Making textures and patterns is something I truly enjoy and I find I have a lot of patience for it. I searched around the house for objects with interesting textures and then used either ink or pencil depending on how each texture felt like; e.g. pencil for soft textures like paper or yarn and ink for stronger things like coral and wood. The coral fossil was my favorite both in process and result, as it was exciting to find landscapes and abstract shapes among the coral’s texture. I took me a bit longer to find objects suitable for frottage but … Continue reading Part 1, Project 1 (Feeling and expression) – Exercise 2