Part 2, Project 3 (At home) – Research point

Unusual or multiple viewpoints / contemporary artists In this research point, I will be considering ways in which I could explore unusual viewpoints when drawing. I’ll also be researching some interior drawings by contemporary artists and analyzing their content, medium, format and context. Viewpoints: Study for Mrs Madeleine Jocelyne with her Son (1987), Anthony Green bird’s-eye view, elevated viewpoint multiple viewpoints at the same time, different perspectives drawing does not fill format or even touch edges resembles crumpled paper, origami, folds, geometric Male Model with Kimono, Female Model with Mirror (1985), Philip Pearlstein diagonals depth added by mirror figures going outside of … Continue reading Part 2, Project 3 (At home) – Research point

Exhibition visit – ‘Andanzas surrealistas’, Dalí & Granell

Andanzas surrealistas (Spanish, surrealist wanderings) is an exhibition being held from September to January in a local art museum. It is described as a conversation between Spanish surrealist artists Salvador Dalí (1904 ­– 1989) and Eugenio Fernández Granell (1912-2001). It includes … Continue reading Exhibition visit – ‘Andanzas surrealistas’, Dalí & Granell

Artist research – Cezanne

Research and visual reference for P2, P2 (Still Life), Exercise 3 Paul Cezanne’s Still Life with Blue Pot and Ginger Jar and Fruit on a Table description of texture use of texture and brush strokes to build form and solidity description of light and shadow white space to suggest light, blue to suggest strongest shadows sense of space (background, table, wall) drawing in graphite still visible beneath watercolour layers   Continue reading Artist research – Cezanne