Part 2, Project 2 (Still Life) – Reflection

Review of my previous two exercises Exercise 1 Successful aspects texture, visible brushstrokes differentiation of groups using color, contrast dynamic composition, diagonal angles Struggles achieving the right lines choosing right material for a desired result deciding whether to fix mistakes or embrace them as part of the process deciding whether to finish a “failed” drawing or start over I think I managed to achieve some sense of depth by the use of angles, perspective, and the placement of objects in front and behind other objects. It was hard not being able to use tone, and thus not being able to … Continue reading Part 2, Project 2 (Still Life) – Reflection

Assignment one – Self-assessment

• Demonstration of technical and visual skills I feel like I have demonstrated a good knowledge of technical and visual skills. This isn’t my first drawing course, which means that I’ve already practiced on my drawing skills and that I’ve already experimented with many materials. With this assignment, I think I’ve been able to look at things with a new perspective, meaning that I’ve embraced new techniques (such as cross-hatching) and started to come out of my comfort zone. I think my observational skills are good and I feel confident that I made a believable representation of what I was … Continue reading Assignment one – Self-assessment