Part 1, Project 1 (Feeling and expression) – Exercise 1

Experimenting with expressive lines and marks I started the Calm sheet by doing some yoga then listening to some soft music. It was hard to start as I had no idea what I should do. After I started, making the lines became easier and I found I didn’t have to think much if I just let things flow. But then remaining calm was a bit of a challenge and I had to remind myself to slow down and stay in the feeling. I tried to represent calm by experimenting with organic shapes and curves, circles, softness, symmetry, and balance. The Anxiety sheet was so much easier to do, … Continue reading Part 1, Project 1 (Feeling and expression) – Exercise 1

Part 1 (Form and Gesture) – Exercise 1

Warm-up – temporary drawings Ideas: Ink on water Water and watercolour on paper Residue cup of coffee White flour and ground charcoal Water over glass surface Sand Burning paper Wax from candle Soap bubbles Ink on milk Salt on ice sheet Light Water on rocks or sand Water drops I took some time to simply think about different ideas and do some research about temporary media. I also related it to land art, which is very often ephemeral, and saw some inspiring examples. I thought hard about each idea and tried imagining each result. The one that appealed to me the most was … Continue reading Part 1 (Form and Gesture) – Exercise 1