Assignment one – Self-assessment

• Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I feel like I have demonstrated a good knowledge of technical and visual skills. This isn’t my first drawing course, which means that I’ve already practiced on my drawing skills and that I’ve already experimented with many materials. With this assignment, I think I’ve been able to look at things with a new perspective, meaning that I’ve embraced new techniques (such as cross-hatching) and started to come out of my comfort zone. I think my observational skills are good and I feel confident that I made a believable representation of what I was observing. I did spend a lot of time deciding on the composition, mainly because it was hard to be sure when to stop trying out different options and asking myself the same questions over and over (Does this look right? Can I improve it? What can I change? Will this work for the final drawing? Is this one better, or the other?).

• Quality of outcome

It took some time to motivate myself to write my thoughts, process and this same self-assessment but after I started, it became much easier and I even started to enjoy it. I do want to focus a bit more on the planning stage, especially when it comes to writing down my thoughts about what I want to achieve for the assignment.

I did take a lot of care in how I presented my work, including the quality of the images I took of my process and final drawing and also how I presented them in my blog. I feel satisfied with my final work and that I drew to the best of my current abilities. I was able to apply my previous knowledge of the materials (e.g. charcoal) and skills as well as apply the new things I’ve learned in the course thus far.

• Demonstration of creativity

I’m not sure how to measure this point, as this is partly subjective. I did some experimentation with materials that I had never used together before, such as ink over charcoal. I feel like I could’ve experimented a bit more in my sketchbook with a wider range of materials, even if I didn’t end up using them in the final work. After the last exercise and this assignment, I’ve discovered how much I enjoy making different lines, marks and textures to describe light and shadow, as I feel it adds energy to the drawing; this might count as a step in finding my personal voice.

• Context reflection

I haven’t done much research yet besides browsing in Pinterest for drawings of crosshatching and mixed media. None of this is included in my learning log, so perhaps I should start reflecting on these kinds of research, especially those that help me with the assignments. The research point of Odilon Redon’s Two Trees showed me a way of simplifying blocks of light and shadow while still using texture and lines to describe surfaces, so I can definitely recognize the usefulness of looking at the work of other artists.


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