Part 1, Project 2 (Basic shapes and fundamental form) – Exercise 3

Creating shadow using lines and marks

The first part of the exercise confused me a bit as I wasn’t sure exactly what it asked for so I simply started by practicing lines and marks with four different materials. I found that each material had its advantages and disadvantages, this is useful to know depending on what result I would want to achieve on a drawing; pencil is great for creating a lot of tonalities but can look a bit smudged, pigment liner was ok to use but the lines were too even for my taste, the ballpoint was just awful, while the fountain pen was smooth to use and allowed me some variety of line.

shadow using lines and marks (abstract)

I drew a small bowl four times, each time with a different material. It was very hard to draw without being able to create outlines and try to capture the object accurately. I didn’t really enjoy doing this part of the exercise and wanted to get it over with quickly.

shadow using lines and marks (object)

I then did some quick sketches of objects, still deciding between ink or pencil. I decided to go with pencil just because I really like how soft it looks. For the last drawing, I was afraid that I’d be very disappointed when I finished it because I didn’t get to make outlines or aim for accuracy in structure. I did make some very quick, light lines so that I would have some place to start and then began to work quickly by cross-hatching to create different tones of shadows. In the end, I wasn’t disappointed at all and I enjoyed doing the drawing; yes, the structure could be better but I tried something new, learned a new technique and am looking forward to experimenting with this further.

shadow using lines and marks (final) copy
A mango, a tea mug and a small coffee cup / 4H pencil

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