Part 1, Project 1 (Feeling and expression) – Exercise 2

 Experimenting with Texture

Making textures and patterns is something I truly enjoy and I find I have a lot of patience for it. I searched around the house for objects with interesting textures and then used either ink or pencil depending on how each texture felt like; e.g. pencil for soft textures like paper or yarn and ink for stronger things like coral and wood. The coral fossil was my favorite both in process and result, as it was exciting to find landscapes and abstract shapes among the coral’s texture.

I took me a bit longer to find objects suitable for frottage but the process itself was easier and quicker to do. I found out that not all papers are suitable for this and that a thinner paper and a softer pencil yields better results. Though the results look interesting, I’m not sure I would make use of this method in my future drawings as it can look a bit messy. I love the way that the bottom of the frying pan looks like a closeup of a fingerprint.



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